Retailer Recruitment Benefits

1. StoreMapper™ empowers retailers with a powerful marketing platform to reach NEW customers. Never before has any retailer been capable of advertising their store’s products and services directly to lottery players in their area

2. StoreMapper gives new lottery retailers a ‘megaphone’ to announce to NEW customers not only that they now sell lottery tickets, but also that their store has some great deals and specials, too.

3. When a new Lottery Retailer goes online, they will be featured in a special month-long banner ad that will appear inside StoreMapper. Additionally, their store will be ‘announced’ in a “New Lottery Retailers” email that will go out to all lottery players in their area who have requested through StoreMapper to be kept informed.

4. Through StoreMapper’s advanced marketing features a new lottery retailer can ‘keep the ball rolling’ with new offers, promotions, and coupons that appear on their store’s Hover Ad. And, with StoreMapper’s easy-to-use web tools, retailers can change these promotions and coupons at any time, and at no cost.


5. StoreMapper gives retailers a complete set of graphic design tools that they can use to make coupons not only for their StoreMapper Coupon Page, but also that can be printed for in-store, or direct mail use.

6. It gives the ‘little guys’ marketing capabilities they can't otherwise afford and puts them on a more equal footing with the big guys. And, it gives the ‘big guys’ a unique low-cost advertising opportunity that is capable of ‘neighborhood specific’, store-by-store targeting.

7. If retailers don't already have a web presence this will give them an easy to maintain one, where they can advertise store information, promotions, and coupons.

8. And for retailers with gas pumps, StoreMapper will motivate customers who usually pay at the pump and drive away to come into the store to redeem StoreMapper coupons or for other great 'in-store' offers.

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