Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can ANY Retailer be a part of this program?

A. No. Only Lottery Retailers. That's why it is a great tool for recruiting new Lottery Retailers. Retailers are entrepreneurs and they will instantly see this as a marketing advantage.

Q. How often can we add, delete or change Retailer information?

A. As often as you need to, and there's no additional charge for changes. For instance, many states add or delete Retailers all the time. We will update the map every time you send us a change.

Q. What about information security?

A. The only information the program stores is the Retailer location information you provide and that information is not shared with anyone. If a Lottery wants to collect Player usage data, we can implement that feature and all the data or just summary data could be sent directly to the Lottery.


Q. Who provides the artwork?

A. We will provide all the artwork for you at no additional charge.

Q. If we do allow Retailer 'hover ads' how will we control the content?

A. Each retailer will have to agree to a simple Terms of Use before being allowed to use the advanced features.

Q. How will Players find StoreMapper?

A. Players will only be able to access StoreMapper™ through the Lottery's website.  For example, a simple animated ad (like the one below) could appear on the Lottery's home page that would link Players directly to StoreMapper™.

StoreMapper sample ad.

More Questions?
If you don't see your answer on the StoreMapper™ product page, just give us a call or drop us an email.